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Peak Pro 3D chamber


The Puffco Peak Pro 3D chamber is a game-changer

adding a whole new dimension to your Puffco Peak Pro experience.


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The Puffco Peak Pro 3D chamber improves on nearly every single aspect of the Puffco Peak Pro, the 3D chamber will provide better flavour, better vapour, faster heat-up time and far better battery life, giving your Peak Pro a clear new lease on life, the difference is night and day!
The 3D chamber features a coated chamber to ensure that cleaning is far easier to wipe clean without any brown chazzed marks. In addition, the atomizer itself features coils around the sides of the atomizer as opposed to only on the bottom like the original chamber. This means that it holds its temperature more consistently throughout the chamber, meaning that less energy is required to heat it up and that the overall flavour is improved. Puffco advises you will get 15% more vapour, 33% faster heat-up time and a 24% increase in efficiency. This means more terps, more potency and less wastage, truly a game changer!

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